Desert Gate is a market innovator and is extremely proud of the fact that it offers not o1nly the generic excursions and tours that are seen everywhere, but also a series of themed excursions and programs completely new to the market. These “DG Prime” excursions have been specially designed for Desert Gate by experts and will be exclusively available only to Desert Gate partners.

Desert Gate also packages intelligently its normal excursions to offer a more rounded out experience to its partners and guests, and lets not forget our Destination Specialists who will help craft a top notch itinerary with just the just excursions to make your guests holiday truly wonderful.

When it comes to quality, and whether it be our own 4×4 fleet, our superb desert camp or the Seawings seaplane, our Excellence staff are constantly checking the quality and safety of each excursion, reporting back to you our partners with their findings.

For Excursions and Programs, there is no better Premium Supplier than Desert Gate