Family Groups

Family Gro1ups needs a real expert to handle it well. At DG, we have these experts who realize that a Family trip is not just what the parents or grand parents want but also the children or grandchildren. We realize that everyone should have their expectations exceeded and we work to make sure that the trip has something for everyone, not just the simple beach and waterpark !

DG is also expert in a new segment that is “Multi Generational Trips” which could include up to 4 generations and guests from 100 years all the way down to 0. These MultiGens, as we call them, are even more complicated as they involve specialist rooms, activities, restaurants, transportation and services. On the operational side, we assign a Family Concierge always ready to answer questions, resolve issues and, if necessary, source that very special “plush pink horse”.

Desert Gate is the natural choice for Premium Family Group travel